Monday, July 9, 2007

English Updates. The Writer. August 2007.

Writing..... Character..... Think about your "bench marks," events that were significant in your life. Then think of the benchmarks in the lives of your characters. E Abbe. Wrt (Aug. 07), 6.

Writing..... Reading..... "Lincoln wrote constantly, and he learned to write by reading. Books were scarce during Lincoln's childhood, but when he got his hands on one, he devoured it, copying out passages by hand and memorizing them." C Leddy. Wrt (Aug. 07), 9.

Writing..... Notes..... "As President, Lincoln wrote notes whenever an important thought crossed his mind. He would then place his notes under his trademark stovepipe hat. At day's end, he'd empty his hat and craft those notes into something more substantial, passages he might later use in a speech or letter." C Leddy. Wrt (Aug. 07), 9.

Writing..... Query..... "What are agents looking for in a query letter? All agents want to see well-written queries, and the rules are straightforward. Use perfect grammar and spelling, be brief.... You will be judged on writing expertise, marketing potential..." L Smith. Wrt. (Aug. 07), 8.

Writing..... Query..... "Try to make a personal connection in your opening paragraph to the agent or editor." L Smith. Wrt. (Aug. 07), 8.

Writing..... Dialogue..... "The sleight of hand here is to create dialogue that sounds lifelike without that often meandering tack of real-life conversation. It must achieve two goals at once: to help paint a vivid portrait of the character, and to move the story along." E Goudge. Wrt. (Aug. 07), 13.

Writing..... Vocabulary..... Include a brief glossary in a sidebar if you need to include technical terms in your article. A Plotnik. Wrt (Aug. 07), 15.

Writing..... Advice..... "I'd advise people [who are beginning writers] to consider getting a job where writing is the job." T Perrotta. Wrt. (Aug. 07), 66.

Wrt = The Writer.

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