Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Topic: Self-Monitoring Writing

10-second review: Learning disabled students monitored their writing by using checklists. For three of the four students, the quality of writing increased.

Title: “Effects of Self-Monitoring on the Narrative and Expository Writing of Fourth-grade students with Learning Disabilities.” YL Goddard and C Sendi. Reading and writing Quarterly, 24 (4), 408-433, 2008.

Comment: I used a checklist when I was grading students’ expository compositions:

Unity: (thesis, topic sentences, final, summary paragraph). 25 pts.

Clarity: (word choice, sufficient details, question marks). 25 pts.

Revision (evidence in drafts). 25 pts.

Editing (spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, usage). 25 pts.

That checklist as part of the grading was also a guide for how to organize, clearly express, revise and edit. It wasn’t a foolproof system. Students could fake it. Most didn’t
. RayS.

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