Thursday, November 18, 2010

Topic: Reading for Errors in Writing

10-second review: Teach students how to read for error

Title: “The Location of Error: Reflections on a Research Project.” Dean Cook. Teaching English in the Two-Year College (September 2010), 22-33.

Summary: Teach students how to read for error in their compositions. Reading for error is different from normal reading for comprehension which leads to passing over errors. Read with the intention of finding errors in their writing. The author suggests keeping a record of errors found in published writing. The author also includes a simplified checklist of word-level errors, sentence-level errors and “other punctuation errors.”

Comment: The author of this article emphasizes reading with the intention of finding errors. How do teachers read to find errors? How do they find errors in their own writing? One thing I have learned from experience is that if I am too familiar with the material, I will miss errors, especially typos. However, as a teacher, I know the errors I am looking for. The author’s checklist of errors might be useful in helping students learn ahead of time the errors they are looking for. Interesting. RayS.

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