Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ideas and Articles from The Writer Magazine

Question: What are some ideas and articles in the March 2011 issue of The Writer that I found interesting?

(1) The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library in Indianapolis provides his rejection letters, among other features. Karen Edwards, p. 9.

(2) A dating service on the Internet matches people by sharing their favorite books. Beth Morrissey, p. 11.

(3) All of the Paris Review Interviews are online at  Chuck Leddy, p. 12.

(4) A new column. Peter Selgin reviews the first-page openings of [unpublished?] novels. Pp. 18-19.

(5) How to write a novel about a “passive character.” Susan Breen. Pp. 24-25.

(6) On writing the perfect sentence. Janet Tarasovic. Pp 26-29.

(7) Writers talk about how and why they use social media, like Facebook and Linkedin. Elfrieda Abbe. Pp. 34-36; 55. Includes some ideas I did not expect. RayS.

(8) Review of a book on writers’ most cherished books. Reviewed b y Elfrieda Abbe. P. 42.

(9) Information about publishing with university presses. Randy Rudder. Pp. 46-47.

(10) Review of the Antioch Review. Melissa Hart. Pp. 48.

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