Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Purpose in Writing

Question: Why should children write?

One Teacher’s Answer: “One reason that you are going to write and keep writing is because teachers are going to tell you to. But that better not be the only reason. What I wish for you is that you always have more reason to write than because the teacher tells you that you have to.”

Comment: Which raises the question, what is the purpose of the standard teacher-given writing assignment? Which raises the issue of the students’ establishing a purpose for every writing assignment other than “The Teacher assigned it.” This article is aimed at first grade. Establishing purposes for writing assignments is for all grades right up through college. Helping students find these purposes will not be easy. RayS.

Title: “ ‘Writing That Matters’: Collaborative Inquiry and Authoring Practices in a First Grade Class.” MP Ghiso. Language Arts (May 2011), 346-355.

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