Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Students' Reflections on Their Writing

Question: What do students learn from writing about their own writing processes?

Answer/Quote: “Scholars and teachers within the field of composition have long heralded the merits of reflective writing…. Whether written intermittently throughout a course or near the end (typically in the genre of portfolio cover letter), reflective writing assignments are thought to promote cognitive development by helping students become more aware of their own writing processes…. …reflecting on their writing and revision processes is thought to empower students as learners: rather than simply implement their teachers’ suggestions for improvement, students, through reflection, analyze their rhetorical choices, claim authority as writers, and take responsibility for their own learning….” p. 628,

Comment: Curiously, throughout my entire career as a writing teacher, I never asked students to reflect on their own writing processes. I wish I had. RayS.

Title: “Reflective Writing’s Synechdochic Imperative: Process Descriptions Redescribed.” J Jung. College English (July 2011), 628-647.

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