Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Behavioral Changes and Reading Aloud

Question: How can students with behavioral challenges be helped to modify their behaviors?

Answer/Quote: “Some marginalized groups of students are at greater risk for school and societal failure than others. One group in particular that stands out in the literature that speaks to school failure is students with emotional behavioral disorders.

Quote: “Evidence has shown that children will not learn more appropriate ways to conduct themselves by being suspended from school or being sent to the administrator’s office…. In the same way that academic skills are taught and reinforced, an emphasis must be placed on teaching appropriate social skills and behaviors.” P. 619.

Quote: “Once you know something about the students and their lives, you can select literature that is…relevant to them.” P. 626.

In other words, the author suggests reading aloud books that deal with problem behaviors that are relevant to the students.

Comment: Sounds a little like bibliotherapy. I’m not putting the idea down. It’s one piece of the puzzle. To change social misbehavior is going to require a lot more work than reading aloud books about problems that are relevant to problem students. It’s a start. RayS.

Title: “Reading Culturally Relevant Literature Aloud to Urban Youths with Behavioral Challenges.” CE Verden. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (April 2012), 619-628.

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